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Hatha Yoga

  • Suitable for beginners or those who have practising yoga for some time.

  • Proper breathing exercises & key basic yoga postures to facilitate the flow of energy in the body.

  • Builds up flexibility and strength and relieves stress with proper relaxation.



  • Suitable for the elderly, people who are recovering from illness or less flexible.

  • Joint loosening and breathing exercises, basic effective yoga postures, and relaxation techniques to release the blockages of energy in the body.

  • Regular practice helps to reduce stiffness, improves blood circulation, lung capacity, lengthens spine and enhances body alignment, thereby relieving common ailments and physical discomfort




  • Suitable for those with weak back muscles and/or tight hamstrings and thigh muscles.

  • Learn how to relax and strengthen these muscles with yoga practices.


Yoga for Back Care

Gentle Yoga

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